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Curb Appeal

Enjoy a garden of different shades, colors and forms; it can also enhance the value of your property.

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Low water

A water efficient garden can use 30-80% less water compared with a lawn. Low water is great for the environment, and also lowers your water bill.

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Low Maintenance

No more mowing the time and cost. More leasure time for something more fun!

Getting started with Water Efficient Garden EasySolution

Ready to build your low water use garden?


Benefits of Using Water Efficient Garden EasySolution

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We provide a range of garden styles that you can select. You can also access experts who can provide guidance.

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Answer some questions, and we will handle all these for you: garden design, rebate application and plant purchase and delivery. We take care of all these things so you don't need to.

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We provide an attractive price for the design service and plants package. By leveraging our purchasing power we can obtain better deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you have?

We design and assist in building low water use gardens. We have an EasySolution, and can also do custom designs.

What is EasySolution?

As its name indicates, EasySolution allows you to have an easy and quick fix for your yards. If the yard is of regular shape, not too big (generally under 800 sq ft), does not have hardscape and other special requirements, this can be a good option for you.

What are the benefits of EasySolution?

It is a relatively easy and fast process. We handle everthing from design, rebate application to material delivery. Our design and plant package is attractively priced. In summary, EasySolution allows you build a nice garden easily at an affordable price.

What areas do you currently serve?

We mainly serve the South and East Bay area in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are outside of the area, you are welcome to talk to us and we will see whether we can help.

Built with EasySolution: From Brown to California Native Charm

The brown lawn had been an eye sore to the owner of the house for quite a while. With EasySolution, the project was done in 3 days, and received the Santa Clara Water District's Landsacpe Conversion rebates. See details

Mark N., houseowner

"It was easy working with the designer and contractor. The designer took care of all the rebate application paper work from end to end, and the project was done seamlessly."

Great Make Over Story - From Barren to Beauty

The front yard was used as a parking lot and barren. After the drought tolerant garden was put in, the whole space was complately transformed. See details

John F., houseowner

"We are very happy with the project. The design is excellent. It is exactly what we want it to be."

See what the community have to say about Water Efficient Garden

"After conversion, my front yard looks great ... clean and neat. It also saves me money. We use much less water now, and don't need to hire hands for maintenance."
"The Water Efficient Garden people are creative and super helpful. The garden design not only looks good, but also saves water by capturing the rainwater. Moreover, the designer helped us take care the rebate process, which is not always trouble free. We are very happy with the result."
"It looks very good. We are really happy with the design. Thanks a lot."

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