Q:We have seen quite a bit of rain since last winter, do we still need to conserve water?

A:The short answer is yes, we will need to conserve water. It is true that we have had some pretty heavy rain falls thanks to an unusually strong El Nino, which does help ease the drought. In 2015, the water content in California's snowpack was only 5% historical level, this year it has been in the range of 90-110%; however, since the drought went on for 4 years, the resevoirs are so depleted, it will take more than one wet season for the water levels to go back to normal. In early February, the State Water Board decided to extend the current drought State of Emergency to October 2016, which means the current mandatory water reduction of 25% is still effective. We still need to do our best to conserve water.

Q:Why is lawn conversion so important?

A:Outdoor water usage accounts for over 50% of total household's on average in California, most of which is used for lawn watering. For a lawn of 1000 square feet, one watering can be enough for 3.7 days of indoor use. Water efficient gardens, by contrast, need very little to no water once established. To conserve water, converting a lawn to a water efficient garden is one of the most effective ways.

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