The Landscape Conversion Rebate Programs

In an effort to encourage conversion from lawn to water efficient garden, water agencies and companies across California offer rebate programs, with some of them listed here. Check with your local water agency to find out more info.

Save Our Water Turf Replacement Rebate
Cal Water Rebates and Programs (Southern CA)
SoCal Water $mart Residential Rebates (Southern CA)
Santa Clara Water District Landscape Conversion Rebates (Northern CA)
The Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) Rebate Programs (Northern CA)

Application Process for a Landscape Conversion Rebate

Though similar in nature, each rebate programs are slightly different. Here we use Santa Clara Water District's program as an example to describe the process.

Step 1: Application and Pre-Inspection

First, sumbit an application online. The water company will then schedule an appointment. When the time comes, a company representative will show up at where the lawn is.

He/she will check every area of lawn on your property, decide which one qualifies for receiving the rebates, and make the measurements. At the end, they will hand you a paper document indicating the areas that qualify, and their sizes, which the rebates will be based upon.

You can see more details about this step in this post.

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Step 2: Notice to Proceed

After the pre-inspection, f you have at least one area that qualifies for the rebate, you have a certain period of time to submit the design and complate the project, to receive the rebate. At this point, you need to submit the design and plants planned to go in the garden. After the design has been done, it can be entered in the application.

After the water company reviews your design and other info, if they feel it meets the requirements, they will send you the Notice to Proceed. With the Notice, you can proceed to kick off the project, and purchase materials. You can see more details in this post.

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Step 3: Post-Inspection and Receiving the Check

After the conversion project is finished, log into your application online to update the status. The water company will then contact you for a post-inspection. It can be either a self-guided one, where you can submit some photos per the requirements of the rebate program, or in-person. If the inspection is deemed satisfactory, the program will inform you, and start to process a check. Usually it takes 4-8 weeks for the check to be processed and delivered.

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Build a garden now, you may receive the rebate

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